Tariano Adaryll Jackson II was born on August 4th, 1973 in Los Angeles in California (the USA).

He is the son of Tito Jackson and the nephew of Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. Under the name of Taj it belongs to the group 3T with his brothers TJ Jackson and Taryll Jackson.


Born on August 4th, 1973 in Los Angeles in California (the USA) from Tariano Adaryll Tito Jackson and Delores " DeeDee" Martes Jackson . It has American and Dominican black origins (his/her mother is originating in the Dominican Republic).

The name Taj comes from its initial. His/her Taryll brother has the same initial ones but does not use them. He speaks English and Spanish. Nicknames: Taj, Tajjy Wajjy, Geek Computer…


  • Macintosh: called Mac Geek by some of its close relations, Taj likes much the computers with crunched apple.
  • the cinema.

  • sports.

  • video games.

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