Klaus Blasquiz , born in Paris on June 19th, 1950, is musician, journalist and professor of visual arts. He is the first singer of Magma.


Its family is originating in the Basque Country, but it passes its childhood in Parisian suburbs. Self-educated musician, it starts to sing in MJC while following the courses of the Applied arts.

He begins his career from singer within the group Blues Convention , in which also Richard Pinhas plays, and which occurs in particular with the Golf-Drouot. Disappointed by the orientation of the group, the two men then create their own training, Stuff , which will not survive at the beginning of Klaus Blasquiz.

The adventure Magma

With the invitation of Claude Engel, it meets Christian Vander, which has just formed the Magma group, in 1969 during a hearing to the studio of Pathé Marconi, with the Bridge of Sevres. Its service impresses so much Vander that Blasquiz is integrated one month later, with the detriment of the titular singer Zabu. Its style and its voice contribute to the identity of the group. Low register with acute, Blasquiz expresses in all the registers the roughness and the musical quality of the Kobaïen.
In addition to its role of singer, whom it associates with that of percussionist, Klaus Blasquiz illustrates some small pockets of discs and draws the ideograms of Magma. It will produce also Cartoons for the magazine Actuel.
In 1974, whereas the bass player Jannick Signal and some other members of Magma decide to leave the group, Klaus Blasquiz prefers to remain, criticizing the capacities of the musicians in departure.

It will end up leaving in 1980, after the exit of the albums Retrospektïw , recorded as a public to celebrate the 10 years of Magma. It will be replaced with the song by Guy Khalifa.

The after-Magma

In the years 1980, Klaus Basquiz takes part in the albums of various groups and artists of the time: Odors ( Always higher , 1980: No sex! ), Richard Pinhas, in solo or with Heldon. He writes acticles in Rock & Folk, gives courses of song and interprets the credits of the cartoon Sharky & Georges , diffused on Canal+ in 1990, lending his voice to the one of the characters of the series.

In 1996, it created the group House Klaus , which has a predilection for the R' B crossbred of jazz and blues, with the bass player Laurent Cokelaere, that he knew within the formation the Great Blues Band in the years 1990. For some time, it is also tested with the Brazilian music with the group Zum-Zum .

Large collector of musical instruments, Klaus Basquiz carried out DVD and writes several books devoted to the universe of the music (on low the Fender, the song, violin makers or Magma). He is also journalist, collaborating in magazines of musicians like Keyboards , Batteur Magazine , Sonovision and Rimshot . It also sometimes happens to him to animate conferences and to take part in exposures.

When Magma is reformed, initially in 1996, then in 2002, Klaus Basquiz does not form any more part of the group. However, as from 2004, one sees it with some concerts interpreting Kobaïa in recall. In 2005, Magma plays for one month with the Club " Triton" to interpret each week a different repertory there. With this occasion, Klaus Blasquiz becomes again the singer of Magma for the first week, interpreting pieces resulting from the first two albums of Magma (Kobaia and 1001 Centigrade Degrees). One also sees it in the second week in the Final one of " Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh" like on " De Futura" with dimensions of Jannick Signal.

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