The term couscous gathers various species of Mammifère S about the Marsupiaux of the family of the phalangers ( Phalangeridae ) and more precisely of the kinds Phalanger , Strigocuscus and Spilocuscus .

The couscous are originating in Australia North and New Guinea. They live in trees with thick foliage and are night. They are Omnivores and nourish as many Feuille S, of Fruit S, Fleur S that of egg S, small Oiseau X or small animals which they find.

As all the marsupials the couscous puts at the world a premature which finishes its growth in the Marsupium.

Among the species called vulgarly couscous, let us quote:


  • One can find the name of these marsupials written cuscus according to the English C-W communication.
  • the couscous is one of the heroes of the series of data base of Gaudelette and Larcenet, Pedro Coati , which is interested (in a burlesque and not-realistic way) in a certain number of animals little known the such coati and the arapaïma of Amazonia.
  • the couscous makes its appearance for the first time in biological registers in 1807, when the lieutenant of frigate in second Leonce Espanol, being used on the Drain-hole note in its register entitled then Registre as Natural science a brief description of the mammal. It is most probably the first Western biological characterization of the couscous.

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