The Supreme court of the apostolic Signature is one of the courts of the Roman Catholic church, located in the palate of the apostolic Chancellerie, with the the Vatican.

The court appeared at the 13th century, it then gathers the rapporteurs (called “chief clerks”) charged to prepare the signature by the Pape of the petitions and the particular causes. Eugene III sets it up in stable office at the 15th century, then Pie X, within the framework of its reform of the canonical Droit at the beginning of the 20th century, in fact a court of last spring.

At present, its operation is governed by the apostolic Constitution Pastor no-claims bonus of 1988: the TSSA knows litigations of nullity (Cassation), recourse against the sentences of Rote and the conflicts of competence. It is one of the courts known as “of the apostolic Seat”.

The TSSA consists of cardinal named by the Pape. It is directed by a prefect, assisted of a secretary and an under-secretary. Of 1999 with 2004, the prefect was the cardinal Mario Francesco Pompedda, former senior of the court of the Rote Roman; it is replaced since 2004 by the cardinal Agostino Vallini.

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