Saulcy-on-Meurthe is a common French, located in the department of the the Vosges and the area Lorraine.

Its inhabitants is called Salixiens.


As its name indicates it, Saulcy is crossed by the Meurthe. Altitudes vary there from 359 m to 740 m, culminating close to the Roche of Anozel which offers a broad panorama on the commune. The surface of the communal forest is of 218 hectares, of which 90 were destroyed to 100% by the storm of December 1999.

It is the first agglomeration crossed by the NR 415 by leaving Saint-Dié in direction of Gérardmer or Colmar. The important traffic generates sometimes stoppers, particularly at the end of the weekend but the replacement of tricolor fires by a Giratoire made circulation more fluid.


The first hard copy of Saulcy-on-Meurthe goes up only with 1188. The village is then a dependence of the Val of Galileo , although it has a clean identity already at this time since it names Salzeis . It will be spelled in 28 different ways until 1854, date of its final denomination.

At the time of the War of 1939-1945, just like during the First World War, Saulcy-on-Meurthe completely was almost destroyed. Of the Saulcy old man, there remain indeed only three houses. With the Release, the November 21st 1944, 325 families out of 400 were without shelter. The town of Moulins helped financially with the rebuilding.

The city shelters a military Nécropole.

Curiosities and inheritance



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A project of exploitation of Spring water, even of mineral water, is in hand.


Saulcy-on-Meurthe is the fatherland of Léonie de Bazelaire de Rupierre (1857-1926), painter and writer, and of the aviator Rene Fonck (1894-1953), ace of the French aces of the First World War with seventy-five official victories.

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