Rosalía Arteaga Serrano de Fernández de Córdova (born the December 5th, 1956) with Cuenca, Ecuador is an Ecuadorian political woman who was the first president woman but for 2 days only in 1997.


Rosalía Arteaga was born in Cuenca, province of Azuay, on December 5th, 1956. It has a Doctorate in right, and it is also writer. It published works varied since its passage to the Presidency, in particular a chronicle on its past with the vice-presidency and also with the presidency of the Republic. In addition, she wrote a book on Geronimo , dedicated to her sick son.

Political career

Its first contact with the policy occurs at the time of like advising its birthplace of Cuenca for the party Social Christian ( PSC ) in 1986. At the time of the election of the Preserving Sixto Durán Ballén like President of the Republic in 1992, Rosalía Arteaga was named Ministre for Education.

Because of its catholic formation, it gave up the station with the ministry to promulgate a named law Durán-Ballén, to promote the reimplantation of religious teaching in the public schools.

When it was with the government, it created an Indépendant movement to create a republic " Authentique" ( REFLECTED ), which enabled him to forecast a candidature for the Vice-presidency of the Ecuadorian Republic by making alliance with the présidenciable Abdalá Bucaram, of the Parti Roldosista Ecuatoriano ( PRE ).


It became Vice-Présidente in 1996, in the days which followed the elections of Abdalá Bucaram as President. The February 6th 1997, the Bucaram Presidency was declared not being able to control by the Congrès.

Arteaga and the leader of the congress Fabián Alarcón then clashed in a very rough fight for the succession of Bucaram to the presidency, whereas the Constitution remained vague on this subject and did not bring answer.

In fact, Alarcon lent oath with the support of the Congress. February 9th, despite everything, Rosalia Arteaga, insisted on the fact that as a vice-president it had legitimacy to become president. Arteaga lent oath in its turn like first woman president of Ecuador. The two following days, in spite of that, the February 11th, with the support of the congress and the army, Alarcon lent oath and Arteaga due once again to resign.

Arteaga continued to fight against Alarcon then also resigned of its post of vice-president in March 1998. She presented herself to the presidential elections which took place in May 1998, but obtained only 3% of the votes.

Career post-policy

Arteaga is from now on General secretary of the organization of the treaty of the Amazonia, and member of the leading steering committee of the Encyclopædia Britannica.

Personal life

It is mother of four children whose last of them is reached complications derived from the Syndrome of Down. She is divorced Pedro Fernández de Córdova and she is withdrawn from the political life and life currently to the Brésil with one of girls.

Internal bonds

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