One names prâkrit (or prākr̥tam ) all Langue vulgar and vernacular of the India resulting from the Sanskrit, and which generally gave rise to the one of the languages néo-Indians. In kind, one can compare the prâkrits with the Vulgar Latin , while the Sanskrit would be the traditional Latin ; the languages néo-Indians thus maintain with the prâkrits and the Sanskrit the same reports/ratios as the Romance languages with the vulgar Latins and traditional: the vulgar language, resulting from traditional, generates by differentiation the modern languages, which are also enamelled loans with the traditional language, judged more prestigious.

For more details, to consult the paragraph devoted to the history of the Sanskrit.

One of the most famous prâkrits is the pāḷi, which reached the statute of literary and intellectual language while becoming that of the texts of the Bouddhisme theravâda.


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