The poujadism , of the name of Pierre Poujade, is a political movement and trade-union French, appeared in 1953 in the Lot and which disappears in 1958. This movement asserts the defense of the tradesmen and the craftsmen and condemns the inefficiency of the Parlement arism as practiced under the Fourth Republic.


Movement of Union of defense of tradesmen and craftsmen (UDCA) is born with Saint-Céré in Batch from revolt anti-tax, whereas the tax department applies the traditional principle which under hears that the tradesman in a rural company camouflages a big part of his sales turnover, which in addition starts to be attached by the powerful competition of large distribution and industrialization. It extends in two years in all France, obtains more than 2 million voice and 52 deputies with the elections of 1956 and meets then under the label of Union and French fraternity (UFF). Several deputies are invalidated. The Union is hostile with the the Treaty of Rome, request the suppression of fiscal controls and the defense of the small shopkeepers. The intellectuals are often disparaged with the profit of supposed the good sense “of the people of modest means”. Group UFF is also a faithful support of French Algeria. However, he refuses to vote confidence with the government Mollet at the time of the Crise of Suez, by reflex anti-English.

The movement has only one limited posterity, being maintained until the end of the fourth republic while being combined with the gaullists and punctually the Communists. It disappears almost completely with the installation from the fifth republic in 1958.


The poujadism can be regarded as one of the last expressions of a movement of revolt of the middle-classes. One counts among the deputies poujadists of the butchers, the bakers, the grocers, the booksellers. The muscular methods are currency during the demonstrations poujadists. The movement has a service of order which does not hesitate to make the punch. Jean-Marie Le Pen, appointed poujadist after the legislative elections of January 1956, falls under this line. It integrated in the ideology of sound National front at the same time the protest against the elected officials, the dominant parties, the State corrupt official, the members of Parliament corrupted and the assertion of a French identity against all that threatens it: immigration, Europe, tax department. In 1958, the party gaullist rolls what there remains group of the deputies poujadists. Only two deputies will be re-elected, of which Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Term by extension

The term “ poujadism ” is used into 2007 in an indistinct way to qualify negatively certain types of populism, Corporatisme and Démagogie which inevitably does not have a relationship with the movement initiated by Pierre Poujade itself.

One employs this term to qualify a demagogic attitude in favor of the small commercial with respect to the large (initially national then multinational) or to speak about anti Parlement arism, of corporatism, even in a franker way of Extrême right-hand side. It incarnates the distrust of part of the French electorate, tired instability and impotence of the fourth republic. The movement affirms to exceed cleavage right-hand side-left, set of themes that the French Popular party of Jacques Doriot, only movement of importance openly pronazi in France and inventor of the slogan " neither right-hand side, nor gauche" , asserted a few years earlier. It thus takes again on its account part of the French line pool “true”. In this direction, the poujadism indicates a reactive Populisme and reactionary.

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