The bridge Brazzaville-Kinshasa is a construction project of Pont road-rail on the Fleuve Congo, connecting the Congo-Brazzaville to the Congo-Kinshasa (DRC) on the level of their capital, Brazzaville and Kinshasa. Nearly 4 km the two cities separate. The project of such a bridge was conceived in 1991. Studies are financed but the project falls finally to water following the lack from payment and to the various internal problems that the two countries know. Such a bridge would make it possible to connect Kinshasa to the Point-Black deep water port of in only one railway line.

In 2003, the Cell of transport infrastructures, which coordinates the road projects in central Africa in co-operation with the European Union, takes up the idea and proposes a new site, downstream from the capitals, where the river extends on 500 Mr. expert estimate the cost of construction between 40 and 80 million US Dollars. According to the principal private secretary of the president of the Republic, LĂ©onard She Okitundu, the DRC would be likely to lose his opening on the outside world in favor of the port of Point-Black of his neighbor. The DRC would accept the construction of the bridge under certain conditions like the construction of a port out of deep water with Banana on the coast of the DRC.


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