Pierre Overney is militant a Maoist of the proletarian Gauche (GP) installed with Flins and Billancourt.

He is laid off companies Renault for these reasons and at the time of an action of the GP (distribution of a leaflet entitled One assassinates in Paris , incentive the workmen to commemorate the massacre of Charonne of February 1962), he is killed by Jean-Antoine Tramoni, Security agent Renault, on February 25th, 1972 with 14:30, in front of the grids of the avenue Emile Zola, whereas he sought to enter the factory with a group of comrades. The event took place in the presence of many people from of which the journalist Claude-Fran├žois Julien of the Nouvel Observateur , come to accompany the Maoists in their operations. A photographer of the APL present also takes photographs of which those of the assassination.

Reactions following its death

  • In the following days, the gay group of the Gasolines shift a police van at the time of a riot caused by the death of the militant Maoist.
  • on Saturday, March 4, 1972, day of its funerals, a great demonstration gathering more 120  000 people takes place through Paris to the cemetery of the Father-Lachaise, in a procession of seven kilometers. Jean-Paul Sartre is close to the coffin, and the philosopher Michel Foucault is in crowd.

  • on March 8th, 1972, in response with its assassination, the GP kidnaps Robert Nogrette, chief-assistant in charge of the social relations with Billancourt, then releases it later two days.

  • on March 25th, 1972, the group For a diffuse revolutionary criticism in Paris and in the Paris region several thousands of specimens of a poster entitled Neither of your death, nor of your survival .

  • on March 23rd, 1977, Jean-Antoine Tramoni is assassinated by the NAPAP (Noyaux armed for popular autonomy), composed to some extent of former militants of the GP.

  • on November 17th, 1986, the name of Pierre Overney reappears, begun again by the group extremist Direct action at the time of the assassination of Georges Besse, the owner of the Renault Control.

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