In the beginning, Nyabinghi (also ortographié Nyahbinghi or more rarely Nyah Benge), put aside the ritual percussion, is one of the orders Rastafari, for significance “having died with the white oppressor and his black allies”.

The Nyabinghi Order

" In the house of my Father, there is several demeures"

The Nyabinghi Order is one of the first foundations of the Rastafari movement with the movement Bobo Ashanti, which would seem it was founded thanks to the revelations of Leonard Percival Howell, they-even influenced by the prophecy of Marcus Garvey says the Brace Black (Marcus Mossiah Garvey) or by Prince Emmanuel, spiritual leader of the Sores.

In the beginning, the word nyabinghi comes from Congolese from the Twenties and wants to say " died with the white man and his allies noirs". It referred to the blacks of whole Africa gathering in a movement anticolonialist and using all the possible ways, violence including. Their goal was to prevent the Forces Impérialistes Britanniques forcing the blacks to work and from raising unjustified taxes. Nyabinghi would be also the name of an Ugandan princess who fought against colonialism about the same time.

In March 1958, first Groundation (gathering) was organized with Kingston, it acted of a gathering rastafari organized by Emmanuel claiming repatriation towards the Africa, as well as the construction of the religious order. At the time of this first gathering, Emmanuel tried to unify all the rastas by proclaiming the reincarnation of Christ Black but only one certain number followed it, the others créerent various mansions (houses), of which the order of Nyabinghi. The Nyabinghi Movement is one of the pillars of the Mouvement Rastafari. The worship is entirely dedicated to Hailé Sélassié which is the incarnation of God on Earth (Jah), Christ returned on ground in her royal character. Their main objective is repatriation in Africa for all the blacks of the diaspora. They are very attached to the history of the African people and his comprehension.

At the time of the groundations all the brothers and sisters meet and read the Bible, playing the trinity of the Nyabinghi drums, i.e. Bottom/Pope Smasher which is satisfied to imitate the beat of the heart or the thunder, Funde which accompanies and Keite/Repeater, the soloist, surrounded of the songs rasta and the smoke of ganja, said crowned grass.

Nowadays, these gatherings are called Nyabinghi. Their goal is to communicate a message throughout the world, aiming to the release of all the Blacks. The Nyabinghi drums play night and day at the time them ceremonies which can last of a few hours at sometimes several days. When the players tire themselves, others take their place.

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