Nagui Fam (born the November 14th 1961 with Alexandria, Egypt) is a radio presenter and of television and producing free-Egyptian. In its community activity, it uses its first name Nagui . His/her partner since 1999 is the actress Melanie Page who made her beginnings in the series Under the sun.


Its family left Egypt in 1967 and Nagui is never gone back there. His/her father, Egyptian, of Greek-orthodoxe religion, is professor of French literature at the university and his/her mother, Franco-Italian, is professor of traditional letters. After passages to Aix-en-Provence and in North America, the family settles with Cannes, in the the Alpes-Maritimes (he studied at the Stanislas Institute of Cannes).

Career of organizer

  • During the Years 1980, to escape commercial studies with HEC, it takes part in pirate radio station (like Radio Vintimille). In 1987, it is stimulating on Chic FM. The following year, in 1988, it is engaged by the national station RTL, station on which it will officiate until June 2006.
  • It begins on television in 1987 on M6, then 1989 on TF1 and knows the celebrity at the beginning of the Années 1990 with the presentation of the play That the best gains on the Five, play which will be then took again by France 2 where it enters in May 1992. The style " Nagui" by a humor unslung in the semi-parodic play is marked do not forget your brush with teeth or by a tone slackened in That the best gains . First is criticized, in particular when it makes use of a microphone in the shape of gun to question the candidates. The emission the Call of the feather bed will cause same reprobation in criticisms of television, the concept was to receive celebrities in pyjamas, lying in a bed.
  • Nevertheless, in 1993, Nagui gives a better indication of its talent of organizer by creating on the chain France 2, a musical program which will become a reference: Taratata where the artists play their pieces in live . It will present this emission until in 1997.
  • having founded in 1993 Air Productions, its production company installed with the Plaine Saint-Denis. In 1996, it is taken in the media storm of the business of the organizer-producers of France 2. It to him was reproached advantageous remunerative clauses in the contracts of its emissions. There then chooses to leave on the private channel TF1, while remaining the producer of emissions on the public channel, of which Taratata .
  • In 1999, it tries to take the difficult succession of Philippe Gildas and Antoine de Caunes for the emission of Canal+ Nowhere elsewhere , which had been presented the former season by Guillaume Durand. The failure in terms of audience will cool the relations between the organizer-producer and the chain until in 2005, where was announced one evening of live music produced by Nagui.
  • In 2001, it presents Tutti frutti and produced Ombre and light .
  • In 2002, it presents the number gaining on France 2, version French of the play Winning Lines (BBC). Always on France 2, it produces the musical program Slap , retransmission of live of an artist or a group in plate without presenter.
  • It returns in 2003 on the chain France 2 to present the play the Trunk , then the resumption of Intervilles during the summers 2004 and 2005. To the re-entry 2004, and until the month of March 2005, it presents, always on France 2, Encore freer , which takes again almost with identical the free principle of Union , an emission presented by Christine Bravo which utilized chroniclers of all the Europe.
  • on December 28th, 2004, Nagui present on France 2 the truth-false return of the brush at teeth , an emission being called That will be your festival ; unfortunately the emission is a semisuccess, perhaps because of its too great resemblance to fire the Brush . But fine December 2005, a second number is programmed and carries out a good score of Audimat.
  • During the launching of the Digital terrestrial television TNT in April 2005, it gives up France 2 for France 4, new chain of public service, where it begins again after 5 years of interruption, the animation of Taratata , also diffused on France 2. The return of Taratata is applauded by faithful emission and the French artists (Zazie, - m, Jean-Louis Aubert etc) and foreigners. Nagui thus mitigates the cruel lack of emissions “Live” reserved the artists of quality.
  • In June 2006, after having animated emissions of entertainments and plays with success on RTL during 18 years ( Mischievousness with the country of the wonders , Place with the sun …), Nagui is thanked by the station.
  • During the summer 2006, Nagui presents two evenings event-driven around the plays TVS: the marathon of the plays tele , entertainment which it animates with Pascal Sellem. It also launches a new handset Everyone wants to take its place diffused at midday on France 2. This play having met its public, it is maintained on the grid of re-entry 2006.
  • In August 2006, the radio Europe 2 recruits it to animate the morning Nagui is morning… Manu less with Manu Levy. The first emission started on September 4th. This arrival with Europe 2 will make it possible its company to diffuse Taratata on the antenna of the station. Its morning is renewed with the re-entry 2007 and is called from now on simply Nagui and Manu .
  • It also animates at the time of the first weekend of December (Exception in 2006, deferred one week), the Telethon on France 2.
  • It during this year animated the first 2 parts of evenings. Y' will have of it for everyone , a remake of do not forget your brush with teeth like the prize list of the song , remake of an emission of Guy Lux.
  • During the summer 2007, in addition to its daily play Everyone wants to take its place , Nagui was with the antenna always on France 2 with a new handset: the lions share , which was diffused before the newspaper of 8 P.m. the weekends. It will be of return in this break-in schedules saturdays starting from December 15th for the play " do not forget the words " ; French adaptation of Gift' T forget the lyrics.


Jean-Luc Reichmann started in television like voice-over in an emission of Nagui, do not forget your brush with teeth.

Little before the Victories Music, its assistant Manu Levy proposes a pledge to be carried out to him during this emission: to say that " every Sunday, before looking at the emission of Michel Drucker, made of C.B.". Having informed Michel Drucker on the pledge, he saw himself some proposing another: one of the two organizers was (with pile or face) to be disguised as a woman (in which Nagui had to subject itself).

Within the framework of the radio broadcast Nagui and Manu on Europe 2, Manu put " Nagui of taratata" with the biddings on Ebay. In 10 minutes, starting from a setting at price of 3€50, " Nagui de Taratata" passed to 10 Million euros. The comments and the questions of the potential buyers were themselves rather humorous:

" Is Nagui de Taratata still under guarantee? The model presented to the air to date. " a little;

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External bonds

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  • Air Production company Productions of Nagui
  • nonofficial Blog of Nagui: All the old emissions are recalled and the updated infos
  • the site '' Everyone wants to take its place '' France 2

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