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Maurice Abravanel (" Maurice de Abravanel" until 1938) is a American Leader of Greek origin (going down from the famous family Sépharade of the Abravanel), born the January 6th 1903 with Salonique, Greece and dead the September 22nd 1993 with Salt Lake City, E. - U.


In 1909, it joined Lausanne in Suisse where his/her parents divide their house with the leader Ernest Ansermet. It makes the meeting of the type-setters Darius Milhaud and Igor Stravinski, friends of Ansermet.

It makes its studies in Lausanne where it becomes critical musical for a newspaper of press in 1919. Then he studies the harmony and the counterpoint near Kurt Weill with Berlin in 1922, before directing to Berlin then to the Opera of Paris in 1933. He works with the choreographer George Balanchine.

He leaves Europe in 1934 in order to direct in Australia before being recommended by Bruno Walter and Wilhelm Furtwängler with the Metropolitan Opera with New York of 1936 to 1938.

After a passage by Broadway where it finds his friend Kurt Weill, it settles in Salt Lake City where it takes the head of the Utah Symphony Orchestra of 1947 to 1979. The recent creation of this orchestra enables him to model it with its manner and to make of it an orchestra of first order, acclaimed at the time of the various rounds abroad (in particular in 1966 at the time of the first world tour).


Abravanel is one of the first leaders to have recorded an integral of the Symphonie S of Gustav Mahler, with the Orchestra of Utah. This integral always forms part of the references discographics.

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