Lezey is a common French located in the department of the the Moselle in Lorraine.


The village is located on the road of Castle-Saline at Sarrebourg. The principal variations are the farms of High-Resorts and of Low-Resorts.

The commune is crossed by one flowing of the Seille: Nard, it belongs to the Saulnois.

The Toponymie of the commune comes from the name of anybody Latin Lisius with the suffix - acum . Dom Calmet, which had raised the old denomination Alzey proposed to him an origin of German Altzey (viel pond). With the passing of years it was named: Lizeis (1192), Lezey (1290), Lieizei (XIIe), Lezay or Layzay (1719).


One found the traces of an imposing Gallo-Roman villa.

With the Middle Ages it was a stronghold of Cistercian abbey of High-Pail (Cirey-on-Vezouze) and of the abbey of Remiremont which exchanged it against other possession with the abbey of Salival.

Lezey belonged to temporal of évéché of Metz.

The village is completely destroyed during the Thirty year old War, one found thereafter the ruins of two castles and the remainders of scattered dwellings which let suppose that the village was formerly wider.

In 1820, the commune made 798 hectares out of which 527 were devoted to the ploughings, 167 with the meadows, and 3 with the vines. It counted 230 inhabitants, representatives 46 hearths. The borough counted 42 houses and a mill. One extracted there from the peat and the commune of Ley was then an appendix.

It named Litzingen during the German annexation of 1870-1918.

In 1944 it was the seat of the Bataille of tank of Arracourt.



Places and monuments

  • Firm XVIII and XIX centuries.
  • Church Saint-Remi (1502, 1527)

Personalities related to the commune


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