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Junya Inoue (ja 井上淳哉), sometimes called Jun Joker, is a Japanese draftsman born the 18 October 1971 and known mainly for its manga in several volumes Otogi matsuri like for its illustrations carried out for several Shoot' EM up of the company Cave of 1997 to 2002.
Son nickname " Jun" joker; comes owing to the fact that in 1992 he was engaged by Toaplan as a " joker" , Junya Inoue being at the time the fifty third employee of the company.


At the end of its studies with Kochi on the island of Shikoku, Junya Inoue postulates to work at Sega and Konami but it fails. It is at the company Toaplan that it begins its career in 1992 on the play Dogyuun. It draws then the characters of the play Batsugun in 1993 and the illustrations of the Beat' EM all Knuckle Bash. A few months later Toaplan make bankruptcy and Junya Inoue joined the company Gazelle coldly created in company of former employees of the Toaplan company or he will work on two plays, Air Roller and Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon as a graphic designer. He leaves then Gazelle to join Cave in 1996 or he will find other former employees of Toaplan.
The first play Cave on which Junya Inoue works is shoot' EM up DoDonpachi or it is one of the graphic designers of the play. Then in 1998 he is artistic director on the play ESP Ra.De in which he lends also his voice for a character, just as on the play Guwange one year later. It is with the coloured artworks ESP Ra.De and of Guwange that Junya Inoue is made known amateurs of shoot' EM up. At the top of its career, Junya Inoue take an increasingly important place at Cave while being director on Progear in 2001 in addition to drawing the sublimes illustrations of the jeu.
After having taken part in the development of DoDonpachi Dai Or Jou, Junya Inoue resigns of Cellar in 2002 to make career in the Manga.
Since 2002, Junya Inoue publishes the manga Otogi matsuri in the magazine Comic Gum then in several volumes. The series comprises seven volumes to date. In 2005 it draws some Yokai for the film Yokai Daisenso.
In 2007, it again joined the Cave company as an artistic director on shoot' EM up Death Smiles.


  • the Web page of Jun Joker with many drawings of the artist.
  • a long interview of Jun Joker, in English.

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