Jean Droze is a French actor born the June 26th 1925 in France. His/her mother was Luçonaise (small town of the Vendée). As affirmed it Roger Carel and attests it excel it site People of the Cinema, Jean Droze is deceased in 1995.

Subscribed to the supporting roles, it was in particular pointed out while turning regularly to the sides of Louis de Funès, which appreciated it much.

At the end of the Sixties and at the beginning of 70, it directed the plate of postsynchronization of the SND, company located at Saint-Ouen and directed by Michel Gast, the realizer of I will spit on your tomb , according to the novel of Boris Vian which had signed it Vernon Sullivan. It is there that Vian during the private projection of film died. Michel Gast presents it to Jean-François Davy, which offers mild nutters roles to him in Prenez the tail like everyone and Q .

Catalog of films

Years 1950

Years 1960

Years 1970

  • 1970

  • 1971
  • 1972
  • 1972-1973
  • 1973
    • Die stoßburg of Franz Marischka, with Peter Steiner: Fürst Sigurd von Schreckenstein
  • 1974
    • Q /With the pleasure of the ladies/It does not have there any more but with/Q - the first prize of Jean-François Davy, with Philippe Gasté: homosexual the
    • Laß jucken, Kumpel 3: Maloche, Bier und Bett of Franz Marischka, with Hans-Henning Claer
  • 1975
    • the She-cat on an extreme finger of Cyrille Chardon, with Pierre Oudry: Benoit
    • Exchange not of hand of Paul Vecchiali, with Claudine Beccarie
    • Laß jucken, Kumpel 5: Der Kumpel läßt das jucken nicht / Täglich Blasmusik im Hinterhaus of Franz Marischka, with Gisela Krauss
  • 1977
    • Liebesgrüße aus DER lederhose 3: Sexexpress aus Oberbayern / Sex-express train in Oberbayern of Gunter Otto, with Peter Steiner: Ottokar Schulze
  • 1978
    • Liebesgrüße aus DER lederhose 4: Die versaute Hochzeitsnacht of Gunter Otto, with Peter Steiner: Ottokar Schulze
    • Liebesgrüße aus DER lederhose, 5. Teil: Die bruchpiloten vom Königssee of Gunter Otto, with Peter Steiner
  • 1979

Years 1990

  • 1992 -

    • Liebesgrüße aus DER lederhose 7 - Kokosnüsse und bananen of Gunter Otto, with Zachi Noy

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