The hexamidine , (hexaméthylènedioxy) 4,4 ' dibenzamidine (a) (hydroxy-2 éthanesulfonate) , Classification CASE: 93856-83-8, used in Médecine for its properties Antiseptique S. It is a molecule is present in a certain number of pharmaceutical preparations used for the Désinfection of nonopen wounds, in some Collyre S and pulverizations.

This disinfectant, used on healthy skin, is not found under the layer cornea.

Many preparations containing hexamidine are sold under various trade names, most known being Hexomédine which was marketed in France starting from 1949 pennies various forms:

  • hydroalcoolic solution to 1% for local applications
  • pomade and freezing
  • powder for acqueuse solution
  • collutoire
  • the Hexomédine transcutanée 1,5/1000 is a local antiseptic in the form of solution. It is used in the treatment of the infections of the skin and the nails. In 2004, this product was withdrawn from circulation following problems of stability involving a reduction of the content in theory active. Marketing was started again in October 2006.

This compound is an agent Tensioactif, i.e. a Savon, which kills the Bactérie S of the type Gram-plus. It is also used in a certain number of products Cosmétique S like conservative.

The hexamidine can cause a Dermite contact

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