Giovanni Battista Bassani type-setter and Violonist Italy N, born in 1647 with Padoue and died with Venice on October 1st 1716.


Bassani was a disciple of Giovanni Legrenzi and of Daniele Castrovillari, her professor of violin was Giovanni Battista Vitali. After the publication of sound opus 1 Sonata of camera has tre in 1677, it becomes member of famous of Bologna, of which it becomes the Principe in 1682.

As from 1685 it is Choirmaster to the Academia of Ferrare; in 1688 he becomes also organist and choirmaster to the cathedral. From 1712 until its death there remains choirmaster of the cathedral of Bergamo.

Known works of Bassani are two opus of sonatas in trio, 11 operas, 12 oratories, of the cantatas, motets and masses. A specimen of its collection Acrona Missale was found in the inheritance of Johann Sebastian Bach.

As much of his colleagues violonists of the time, it tried to improve the functions of the bow. It was the first to invent the slightly concave shape of the bow and a system of adjustment of tension of the hairs.


  • COp 1 (12) Balletti, Correnti, Gighe, E Saraband in Violino E Violone, overo Spinetta, idiot it Secondo Violino with beneplacito (Bologna 1677)

  • COp 2 Cantata Amorose Musicali with voce sola, opera assisted (Bologna 1680)
  • COp 5 (12) Sinfonie had, E tre Instromenti, idiot it Basso continuo per Organo (Bologna 1683)
  • the oratory: the dead delusa , (1683)


  • the amorosa preda di Paride , Dramma per musica (1683 Bologna)
  • Falaride tiranno of Agrigento , (Adriano Morselli), Dramma per musica (1683 Venice)
  • Alarico, D de' Goti , (B. Bonacossi), Dramma per musica (1685 Ferrare)
  • Vitige , Dramma per musica (1686 Ferrare)
  • Gli amori went moda , Scherzo melodrammatico (1688 Ferrare)
  • It trionfo di Venere in Ida , Melodramma (Ferrare 1688)
  • Ginevra, infanta di Scozia , Dramma per musica (1690 Ferrare)
  • It coceio Nerva , Dramma per musica (1691 Ferrare)
  • Gli amori will tra gl' odii O sia It Ramiro in Norvegia , Dramma per musica (1693 Verone)

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