David Beaudoin (born the February 7th 1996) is an actor French-Canadian

He was discovered by the Disc jockey Bob Sinclar which had carried out a casting on Internet with the Canada and the the United States to find the protagonist principal of the Clip of the Chanson Love Generation, in which a fair little boy with the Yeux blue which enfourche his bicycle and leaves to make the turn of the the United States in one day instead of going to school.

Since, it was the principal Acteur of all the following Clips of Bob Sinclar. Thus, in May 2006, he again interprets the role the little boy in the clip of World, Hold One , in which he builds this time a rocket which will make it possible to destroy a Astéroïde threatening to be crushed on the Ground.

In June 2006, in the clip of Rock'n'roll This Party , always in the skin of this little boy, it Parody with two of his/her friends musical genres and their the forty last years most famous representatives, of which: Nirvana (Rock'n'roll/Grunge), AC/DC (Hard rock), 50 Hundred (Rap), Bob Marley (Reggae), Sean Paul (Ragga), The Beatles (Rock'n'roll), John Travolta in the Fever of Saturday evening (Disco music), Michael Jackson (pop) and well of others.

In April 2007 it is in Sound off Freedom, always of Bob Sinclar which it makes its appearance. He plays this time the role of DJ for his friends Jamaïcains.

Beyond the originality of the concept of the same character present in different Clip S, the history of the fair little boy interpreted by David Beaudoin returns to the Imaginaire of the Enfance, which is transposed here in the achievements of the four clips of Bob Sinclar.

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