Bernard de Świdnica (in Polish Bernard Świdnicki ), from the Dynasty of the Piasts, was born between 1288 and 1291, and deceased the May 6th 1326.

It is Duc of Jawor, Świdnica and Ziębice (1301 - 1312). In 1312, it yields Jawor to his/her brother Henri and does not reign any more but on Świdnica and Ziębice. Starting from 1322, it remains to him nothing any more but Świdnica after having given Ziębice to his/her brother Bolko.

Bernard de Świdnica is the second wire of Bolko I {{er}} Severe the, the duke of Jawor, and Beatrice of the Brandebourg. His/her older brother dies in 1300 and his/her father dies suddenly the following year. Being too young to reign, his/her mother and her uncle Hermann, the Margrave of Brandebourg, ensure the Régence. Bernard is recognized major in 1305 and starts to control, with his brothers Henri and Bolko, on Jawor, Świdnica and Ziębice.

On the level of his foreign politics, Bernard ties good relationships with his powerful neighbors in order to preserve his independence. In 1311, it gives his/her Béatrice sister in marriage to Louis of Wittelsbach. Itself marries Cunégonde, the girl of Ladislas I {{er}} the Brief. He plays the role of mediator between Boleslas III the Spendthrift, the duke of Legnica, and Jean of Luxembourg, the king de Bohême, who dispute the Duché Opava. He succeeds in obtaining a compromise who satisfies the two parts. The king of Bohemia obtains the duchy but n the other hand pays an important amount of money to the duke of Legnica. The good contacts that Bernard maintains with this last, enable him to buy the town of Niemcza.

Towards 1320, Bernard is combined in Ladislas the Brief and takes part in the war against the dukes of Głogów. In 1322, it joined the Croisade organized by the Teutoniques against the Lithuania, while preserving good relationships with the Poland. Thus, it intervenes as a mediator in the peace negotiations which proceed with Cracow between Ladislas the Brief and the dukes of Głogów.

Little time after, it Marie her daughter Constancy with the duke Przemko II of Głogów and his/her Elisabeth daughter with the duke Bolko II of Opole.

Bernard dies the May 6th 1326 and is buried with the Monastère Krzeszów. He leaves with his sons a very small duchy which succeeded in maintaining its independence. During its reign, it made build a strong Château with Świdnica which will resist of long months a seat of the army of Bohemia during the war the opponent the army of Casimir III Large the for the possession of the Silesia (1345 - 1348). Of its marriage with Cunégonde (deceased the April 9th 1333), it had two wire (Bolko II Small the and Henri II of Świdnica) and three girls (Constancy, Elisabeth and Beata).

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