The anulingus , or more frequently anilinctus , is a sexual activity consistent in the oral excitation of the Anus or Périnée. This practice is also indicated by the expression sheet of pink .

One also describes it as being an bucco-anal ratio, or “oroanal”, by extension of logic prevailing to the name bucco-genital which includes Fellation and Cunnilingus. In both cases, the indent “-” between the two parts of the word is optional.


At the two sexes, the anus contains Des. Ainsi, the anulingus can be practiced by men and women bisexual heterosexuals, and homosexual. The anulingus is known as credit for the person using her mouth, and liability for the person on whom it is practiced, implying its anus.

The anulingus can be regarded as independent as well of the sex as of the sexual orientation as of its practitioners, in a case as in the other. It can be regarded as an addition with the range of the possibilities offered in practice homosexual female.

The practice requires a certain rigor as regards hygiene, which will be able however only to reduce the nuisances and not to make them disappear completely. This would not seem to reject the followers of the practice and could even be an element of excitation within the framework of relations scatophiles.

Use as lubrication

This practice can be seen sometimes like a preparation with the Sodomie. Indeed the saliva brought during the act to the place where then will be done the anal penetration has lubricating properties which had with its constitution, water and substances with the gelling properties. However if saliva compatible with the use of the condom and is thus adapted within the framework of the fight against the STI with the condom, it should be noted that its lubricity is lower than the artificial lubricants and especially less resilient, obliging potentially with réapplications during the act. This is however not an argument in the favor of its systematic practice before sodomy, the more so as a fellatio also makes it possible to bring saliva on one of the parts put in friction at the time of the Sodomie (if the credit is of male sex).

Report/ratio with the excrements

However, to evoke this practice within the framework of a desire scatologic, the appearance of Excréments on the external part of the anus can constitute a factor of Excitation or repulsion according to the sexual preferences of each one. The gustatory feeling obtained thanks to the stimulation of the papillae with this practice, or very other implying of the excrements, varies according to the cases. The taste is generally described like bitter, but it would be strongly depend on the quality of the dejections of the passive person, according to many factors such as introduced food, the intestinal flora and its potential unbalances, the hydration or in a general way any factor affecting digestion.

Bottom with the mouth

See also: Bottom with the mouth

More known under the English name of ass to mouth , this practice is classified here although not being a anulingus with the clean direction. It consists of a Sodomie followed by a Fellation. It can be regarded in this respect as an accidental anulingus, although the practitioners do not see it inevitably this manner. If there is no contact between mouth and anus, there exists a continuity of contamination because of the presence on the rod of secretions, even in an invisible way, after its passage in the rectum of the partner. The condom does not protect at all in this case, since the two penetrated openings will be in contact with the same face of the safety device.

However it is necessary to note that if the respect of the hygiene of prevention of the oro-fecal contaminations is not respected, it is in this practice no risk additional of inter-human contamination (compared to taken sodomy and a fellatio a separately). Indeed, various secretions in contact will be those of the same person, and the contamination will be only those of germs which will have left their usual medium. This contamination is thus not very serious, but it can prolong the cycle of reinfestation of an intestinal host. It can completely be considered that one or the other of the participants is not aware at the time, because of the sexual excitation which decreases their judgment, of the generated contamination. In the same way, at the time of a sodomy followed by a vaginal report/ratio, which is an important source of contamination by the enterobacteries of the génito-urinary apparatus of the woman.


If it is probable that it existed from time immemorial, while remaining little attends, this practice especially found an echo important in the pornography as from the years 1990. It seems imported mediums Homosexuels which practiced it in a more frequent way seems it than the mediums Hétérosexuels as of the explosion of the movement in the years 1970. Its most important promoter would be the actor and producing Rocco Siffredi which would be the first to have popularized this technique in the medium, in the practitioner in an active way at one time when it was still confidential. It would be the leading cause of its great fame, at least what would have made it possible to on the matter distinguish its films from the usual production. This contrary to the popular belief which would like that it is the size of its sex, altogether banal in the medium of the pornography (estimated at 24 cm), which would have impressed people discovering the pornography thanks to his popularity and not knowing the usual size of the sex of the actors maculins in the field.

An example of practice of the very mediatized anulingus is the business Monica Lewinsky. Indeed, he was said by the young woman at the time of a filmed deposition that she and chair it of the United States of America of the time, Bill Clinton, would have had relations " Oral examination-anal". This fact is indexed in an undeniable way in the report/ratio of the prosecutor Kenneth Starr: to see bonds in fine article

It should be noted that these practices would be developed in the Western countries where the research of the " frisson" gotten by unhygienic practices would be a reaction to the hyper-asepticized company and proscribing any contact with body secretions.

As for the social acceptance of this practice (for certain countries of its legality), there remains difficult to have relevant information on the subject since this one is eminently Tabou. It is obviously completely improbable that the companies which proscribe the bucco-genital ratios accept the bucco-anal ratios.

The subject is very today little evoked apart from the practitioners mediums sex in the intense and/or extreme way. In that the practice is ignored general public as could the being the Sodomie or the Zoophilie before the sexual revolution which followed the social upheavals of the years 1960 to Western Europe.


The word not existing really in the dictionaries of the languages derived from Latin, it seems to be created of any part at the time modern. Many orthographies were used in manner more or less abusive. At present, it does not seem that the French Academy or any other of a Western country did not come to a conclusion about the question of making return this word in the everyday usage. The discussion remains open as regards its exact orthography, this article will try to quote them all.

The various orthographies of this word altogether rather badly known are (indifferent order):

  • anulingus - most commonly accepted in French, his relationship to the word anus being évocative, and second half of the word, returned in the language running with the word Cunnilingus, evokes the language efficiently.

  • anilinctus - this version righter in the Anglo-Saxon countries because would be derived from Latin. Indeed those for the scientific words not having an equivalent in English uses pure Latin. The Latin languages like French have a higher facility to adapt (to francize French in the case of) the words Latin being given their strong resemblance to this dead language. In the English language, which in is moved away, the adaptation is not done and Latin is preserved such as it is. Let us note that the French language is one of the more assimilatrice including for the nonLatin terms.
  • analingus - would be used more in English. The word is obviously directly inspired by the anal word to which one brings the suffix lingus.
  • anilingus -
  • anulinctus - little met
  • analinctus -
  • bucco-anal ratio - seems more frequent than:
  • report/ratio buccoanal
  • oroanal report/ratio - on the other hand seems him more frequent than:
  • oro-anal ratio - without once again no certainty being able to be advanced.
  • oral examination-anal contact - used in the documents of the report/ratio Monica Lewinsky, does not seem to be very frequent apart from this precise case.
  • - seems more used than the precedent in a certain number of languages, including English. Term retained in.
  • sheet of pink - this expression refers to the aspect of the anus. The various fringes of the anus (pleatings) are seen like as many petals requiring only to open during a sexual stimulation. The crumple of the petals in a flower closed and their défroissement at the time of the opening of the rosebud is in this context very representative of the dilation of the anus.
  • flower of pink - This less frequent name represents more the fact that one associates the anus with the petals and unconsciously associates the red color (red roses) with the part of the body concerned.
Indeed the pink color (or red) is generally associated with the sexual thing and the very vascularized mucous membranes which one can meet in this case. However in the case of the anus this connotation is misleading because the anus is a place of the body rather more pigmented than the skin. The color in is rather brown, even perfectly clean and thus apart from any stain by the dejections which crosses it. Besides there exist esthetic techniques of care of discoloration of the anus to make it pinker and by there more presentable, that is to say unconsciously associated with the color with the excrements.
  • petal of pink - is an alternative little met. Would indicate more particularly the perforating anulingus (see Techniques at the end of the article).

A certain number of terms are used in English to refer to this practice, of which most known is " rimming". These terms are often used within the framework of the pornography but not having any French value. They will not be indexed here, to refer to describing this practice.

The more poetic connotation of the term makes it possible to attenuate the image of the term. As any slang term it is also a code making it possible not to reveal the true nature of the act. There remain possible that this term is even former to the precedents, more medical. In a general way all the combinations of the prefixes ana, ani, anu and suffixes lingus, linctus were used. The prefixes year or year are however unsuitable. They derive from a doubling of consonant which are connected more with one misspelling than to a will to create a mot.


This sexual practice involves transmission risks of sexually transmitted diseases: Virus (of which especially Hepatitis, Herpeses), parasitic intestinal, Bacterium S. The transmission risk of hepatitises relative to the type of germ is extremely fortunately accused. If the risk could be considered to be extremely high, it is in the case of Hepatitis a: indeed, this virus is different from hepatitises which were médiatisées in a dramatic way which is the B and C (but not only), which in the unconscious collective are extremely serious diseases (what is justified). Hepatitis has is a completely different disease with oro-fecal transmission, generally in soiled water, and its transmission by the saddles is not any doubt and is even extremely high. This hepatitis is extremely fortunately much less dangerous than the others because reversible and not very serious for an adult without particular brittleness. The transmission risk of hepatitises B and C (and potentially of others) is lower because as the media HIV in fact viruses are transmitted by blood and the contamination requires a particular brittleness of the mucous membranes and a setting in continuity of the blood compartments of each person. This risk is of course never excluded either. Except wound and bleeding, this practice comprises few transmission risks of HIV.

Prevention - Dam dental

These risks must be limited by a hygiene with water and the Savon, and by the use of a barrier in latex. This protection is the same one as that recommended for the practice of the Cunnilingus. This protection is unfortunately little easily findable on the market, that it is in France or abroad, and exists only in certain suppliers of the medical environments or in certain specialized stores in the accessories related to sexuality (Sex shop S).

It is however not very probable that the use of this protection called also " dam buccale" , or " dam dentaire" , is well accepted when it is known that the female condom has already evil to be adopted. The feeling gotten by the use of latex on the mouth would be close to that which results to practice the fellatio in an active way on a sex equipped with male condom, as regards the gustatory feeling in particular. The people practitioner the anulingus and by accepting the significance symbolic system being able to be more carried to accept the risk or all of it at least lack of hygiene, and even to seek them.

Rectal injection - discussed

In all the cases, disadvantages sensitive, in the broad sense since including almost all the directions, induced by this practice and which had with the feces remainders, can, as for sodomy, being reduced by the practice of the rectal injection before the act. This primarily in the case of a perforating anulingus (to confer Techniques used), which is connected with a sodomy, but also for a more traditional anulingus where the proximity of the contents of the rectal bulb is completely made feel. Let us note that this practice of the rectal injection does not constitute a reduction of the disease risk infectious, the germs/eggs inducing them for the majority are not located in the fecès. The most virulent viruses/bacteria are located in the intestinal wall or blood, and the eggs of parasites are often demountings on the margin of the anus, in the folds of this one, waiting to be transmitted by manuportée way. The taking away at end of examination in is carried out besides by the deposit of adhesive tape on the anus, which will involve eggs. This practice, by the important constraint that it subjects the lower part of the digestive tract, or of the misuse of the nozzle, as well as its potentially cutting edges, could even induce microlésions and increase in that the infectious risks. This practice, if it is recommended in the field of hygiene, is thus not recommended for the reduction of the infectious risk.

Case of the intestinal parasites

As regards the intestinal parasites, the oro-fecal cycle of transmission of some is usually generated by a bad hygiene of the hands after defecation or by scraping of the anus because of the prurit induced by the parasites. To carry to the mouth the fingers or to put those in contact with food is then source of self-contamination and quasi-perpetual réinfestations. In the case of the anulingus, these contaminations usually due to a defect of hygiene and less frequent in the countries with strong standard of living, are extremely probable, even systematic. It can follow a cycle of perpetual réinfestations for a couple whose two members have recourse to this practice, and this logically even in the case of very hygienic practice in the field of the avoidance of the contact to the dejections. The paradox of a contamination of intestinal parasites banals, however more frequent in the children, and found at a couple of adult to hygiene in addition irreproachable, can in rare cases being solved in this manner. It is interesting to note the blindness of some for which the sexual practices having to remain, consciously or not, hidden, this practice is not taken into account in the possible hazards of oro-fecal contamination, whereas for the majority of the population the lack of hygiene of this practice jumps to the eyes.

Case of the tapeworm

The case of the contamination by the Ténia is slightly different from the other parasites. This worm requires usually an intermediate host who is generally bovine or a pig, at which the larva develops and which is consumed then by the human being. In the case of contamination by egg ingestion of tapeworm, the man can then be used as intermediate host of substitution. It develops a disease then corresponding to the development of egg called cysticercosis, otherwise more dangerous than the infection with the normal Ténia. This disease even causes attacks very serious of the muscles of the brain and all should be made to avoid it. This contamination is more frequent with the tapeworm of the pig than with that of ox, because of the greatest biological proximity of the pig with the human being compared to ox (as proves it the Allogreffe S), and by there the strongest chance that the parasite " trompe" and can develop in the bad host. It is however difficult to determine the contaminant species before examination under the microscope. Because of this risk, it is thus recommended not to practice the anulingus (without protection by the aforesaid oral dam at least) on a person suffering from Ténia while waiting for the end of the contamination (that can take several weeks of treatment). However the contamination is less probable because of the strong size of eggs (similar to small pieces of pasta products not digested in the saddles). This size makes that it is more difficult to introduce them by error, compared to eggs of more current, microscopic parasites. This would be different of course in the case of Scatophagie frank.

Techniques used

There exist several types of practices, which one can catalog under the following labels:

- the perforating anulingus (more sails about it today): this technique consists of the frontal attack of the anal sphincter by the language rigidified and pointed ahead. The humidification and the lubrication of the perish-anal zone are a desirable but nonessential prérequis.

- the percussion anulingus: it is about a diverted version of the precedent. The technique is the same one with this close the language should not be longiforme, but on the contrary to occupy a maximum volume, in particular on the zone of contact. One also speaks about lingual ram.

- the slipping anulingus: this technique consists of the application of the oral mucous membrane on périnée and its translation in a direction then in the other. The repetition of this operation is a crucial factor of its success.

As regards the car-anulingus, the technique seems to be under consideration on the theoretical level than really practiced. It would seem that it requires a very great flexibility, largely higher than that necessary for a Autofellation. The body must indeed be all the more folded since the language must reach a place more distant in this case from a distance equal to the length entirety of the rod, plus the extent of périnée; by cutting off however the oral penetration depth reached at the time of the autofellation, as well as the distance whose the language can exceed the oral opening; and by adding to it however the length of penetration wished in the case of a perforating anulingus.

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