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Ancillary Function Driver (AFD) is the auxiliary pilot of function, a service of Microsoft Windows, charged to make function the sockets BSD. Under Windows (see Winsock), the most famous application which uses the sockets is Apache.

In the graphical interface of Windows, the parameter setting of AFD is made via the administrative peripherals ( devmgmt.msc ) and not in services and applications ( services.msc ). It is posted in the list of the pilot not Plug-and-Play , under the name of Environnement of assumption of responsibility network AFD ( AFD Networking Support Environment ). Caution: by defect, the pilots not Plug-and-Play are not posted by the manager of peripherals.

In the Register base, the parameters are in CurrentControlSet \ Services \ AFD.

DLL associated with AFD is afd.sys .

The versions of Windows which use this service are:

  • the futures Vista and Longhorn
  • Windows waiter 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0 (waiter and work station)

Group TDI

AFD belongs to the group TDI (Driver Transport Interfaces); the other services of this group are: DHCP, mask DNS, lmhosts, WZCSVC (Wireless Zero Configuration Services).

The concept of group of services does not appear in the graphical interface of Windows; it appears only in the register base of Windows.

Raw socket: security issues and compatibility

The raw socket make it possible to act directly on IP without passing by TCP and UDP; for this reason, they can constitute a danger to the safety of a PC under Windows and thus, since 2004, Microsoft prohibited this functionality on the last versions of Windows (Windows XP packe 2 and posterior versions). This improvement of safety can have consequences on the compatibility of certain software not Microsoft.

In certain versions of Windows, the parameter DisableRawSecurity in register base makes it possible to decontaminate or activate the raw socket.


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