Ahmed Zahana , more known under not from Zabana, was born in 1926 in Douar El Ksar meadows from Djeneine Messkine (suburbs of Oran), It there made its primary studies, obtains its certificate of studies and falls under a professional training center, where it learned the trade from welder. He worked with the cement factory of Cado close to Oran.

In 1949, Ahmed Zabana (Zahana) adhered to the Mouvement for the triumph of the democratic liberties (MTLD). Its dynamism was not long in drawing to him the attention of the French police force which stopped it the March 2nd 1950. He was condemned by colonial justice to three years of prison and three years of prohibition of stay.

As of its release, it took again its political activities with as much heat than in the past and took part in the preparations of the release of the national liberation war. In the night of November 1st, 1954, it organized with a group of patriots the attack against the station of the foresters of Oran.

After the dissolution of the Revolutionary Committee for the Unit and the Action the July 5th 1954, the martyr was indicated by the martyr Larbi Ben Me hidi as a person in charge of the zone of St Lucien (Zahana) Suburbs of Oran, charged with preparing the Revolution with all the necessary one in ammunition and men.

Pursuant to the received orders, it organized the meeting of St Lucien (Zahana) to which assisted the martyr Abdelmalek Ramdane and at the conclusion which Ahmed Zabana is lived to allot the following missions. 1954: Ahmed Zabana (zahana) held a meeting with its group of combatants during whom the missions were distributed and defined the objectives as well as the point of rallying in Djebel El Gaada, Structuration and drive of the groups, choices of the adequate elements suited to the command of the men and inspection of the strategic positions in order to choose the places likely to constitute bases for the Revolution. Ahmed Zabana (zahana) thus succeeds in setting up groups with St Lucien (Zahana), Oran, Témouchent, Hammam Bouhadjar, Hassi el Ghalla, Chaabet, and Sig. It charged these groups with collecting the contributions for the acquisition of weapons and ammunition. With the martyr Abdelmalek Ramdane, it directed the operations of military training as well as the techniques for tightening ambushes, launching incursions and to manufacture bombs. Ghar Boudjelida has (cave of bald person mouse) which has El Gaada (suburbs of Oran) which was the PC (headquarters) of the town of Oran during the revolution (Willaya V)

During the meeting chaired by the martyr Larbi Ben Me hidi the October 30th 1954, the date of the release of the Revolution was stopped with precision and the objectives to tackle day before the November first were defined.

1954: the battle of Ghar Boudjelida with El Gaada, the November 8th 1954 during which Ahmed Zabana was captured by the French troops after being reached of two balls it was a prisoner and leads initially to the hospital, then imprisoned with the prison of Oran the May 3rd 1955, the June 19th 1956, he was transferred towards the prison Barberousse (Serkadji) to be guillotine there. Ahmed Zabana went down from the one of the Al Mahaja Tribes .

Summarily judged and condemned to death, it was the first condemned since release of the national liberation war to go up on the scaffold, in the enclosure of the prison of Barbarousse, on the heights of Algiers.

Its execution as that of Ferradj had been claimed with horn and cry by the colonialists mediums known as " ultra" , which made a reason for satisfaction of it. But the event caused in the Algerian opinion a fit of anger so powerful that it was not long in resulting in a series of actions anticolonialists. It is this climate of effervescence which prepared the battle of Algiers.

The guillotine with which Ahmed Zabana was carried out finds with the central museum of the army.

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