Avari Magnetic Treadmill Review

Avari Magnetic Treadmill


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The Avari Magnetic Treadmill is designed for people with a budget yet still wants a way to stay in shape at home. To sum things up, the monitor has a basic layout yet it is effective and there are 8 levels of resistance to choose from. In order to keep it at a low budget, the machine is manually powered.  But that should not drain your spirits; it has some features that make it worth picking up.

Motor: Manual Power

The Avari is different compared to other treadmills currently on the market in such that there is no motor. Instead, individuals have to power it manually. This means that the user power it, the amount of power you exert determines your workout.  So walking will mean that walking on this machine is similar to walking on a motor powered treadmill and so is jogging.

People who are usually bothered by loud noises on powered treadmills are happy with this one because it produces low noise which is a benefit. There is no electricity to power it which means when the lights are off, you can still use it.

Incline and Resistance

As mentioned earlier, the machine comes with 8 levels of resistance to choose from. These can be adjusted from an easy to spot knob and depending on the level, provides a significant difference in one’s workout.  The default incline level is 8 degrees which can be a disadvantage to some people because it can’t be lower.

Computer Monitor or Display Screen

With this monitor, one will be able to see the workout time, calories burned, speed, and distance. Since this one is manually powered and also low budgeted, it does not provide a heart rate monitor.

What about the Storage?

For some people, it is a little heavier than the normal machines with the same budget.  But the manufacturers figured this out and conveniently placed wheels at the bottom in order to enable users to move it around.  And apart from that feature, the treadmill can also be folded which means it can easily be stored a reasonably size-able place.

Comfort ability

This machine is known amongst its users to give a comfortable workout experience. With a padded handlebar, textured walking surface, and dual flywheels which enable an individual to use the machine without wobbles, one should be able to get optimal comfort while using the treadmill.

What Warranty does it come with?

This comes with a 3 year frame and 90 day parts warranty. That is a long enough time to replace any broken parts.


47 x 26 x 44 inches

66 pounds

Maximum weight it can handle is 250 pounds

Avari Magnetic Treadmill Reviews

Since it a budget conscious machine, one would expect a low quality machine that will not last them. But 80% people who have used this machine have given it positive review, while the rest have had bad experiences.

Among the positive reviews, many like it because it is easy to assemble and the machine has enabled them to use it without the use of the bar. And apart from these, the fact that it is portable is a huge plus.

Among the bad reviews, some people do not like the fact that they can’t adjust the incline and the belt can be awkward at times.  But users should remember the warranty should they encounter the same problem.

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The limited incline has turned some users off from getting this machine. However, remember an incline on treadmill lowers your risk of joint damage and you can always improvise.

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Merit Fitness 725T Plus Review

Merit Fitness 725T Plus

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When it comes to items, you get what you pay for. The Merit Fitness 725T Plus Treadmill seems to be an excellent example of such a thing. Many low priced treadmills literally come with what you paid for in terms of quality. Priced anywhere from $350-500, this machine is considered cheap for what it does. So will it give you exactly what you paid for or will it out-do its competitors?

In-depth Knowledge of the Motor

Like the Weslo Cadence R 5.2, this treadmill also has a 2.25 horsepower motor that powers it. The good thing about this particular one is that heavier users have an easy time using it due to the steady motion it provides. This still holds true even at the machines maximum speed of 10mph at an incline of 10% (Some heavy treadmills users will appreciate this information because most manufacturers quote their top speeds at a flat incline).

The Display

The Merit Fitness 725T Plus Treadmill comes with a two-windowed LED display which is responsible to tracking one’s speed, resistance, time, and amount of calories burned. Like others of this price range, it features a heart rate monitor. But the difference between this one and some others is it utilizes the thumb pulse, which warns you once you start exceeding your target heart range.

What to Expect from the Tread belt?

Expect the tread belt deck to be at a size of 18”x50” with an Aerosoft cushioning system.  It does a good job of absorbing impact in order to minimize joint related damage or feet sprain.


This machine comes with a lifetime frame, 2 year motor, 90 days parts, and labor warranty. With my experience with treadmill machines, I would agree that this is an excellent bargain.

What Are The Dimensions?

31 x 52 x 71 inches

121 pounds

What Are The Reviews?

The 725T Plus Treadmill has over 140 reviews backing it, with many reviewers complimenting the smoothness of the motor while in operation, the quality, and the effectiveness of the workouts.  While other reviewers stated that the pulse checker is slightly faulty by a few beats.

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Any Complaints?

At a size of 18”x 50”, the deck is small which like the Weslo Cadence R 5.2 is also problematic to tall individuals.  Also, the maximum weight capacity might be miss calculated (Instead of 250, it might feel maxed out at around 215-225).  If you are looking to get a bigger deck and higher weight capacity at a price, then you should highly consider the Daytona Professional Grade Non-folding treadmill.

Anything Else You Must Know?

Many people agree that the Merit Fitness 725T offers a good value for your money.  It is strong and comes equipped with a decent motor as well as strong standing frame with enough programs to keep you busy. If one is interested in getting a treadmill that provides an effective workout, lasts, and is equipped with good technological features, then the 725T should be optimal.

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Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Review

Welso Cadence R 5.2


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The Weslo Cadence R 5.2 offers excellent value for ones money if the individual was to take in its design, quality, ease of use, setup, workout effectiveness, and longevity into account. With a price of $350-500, the first thing most people wonder is “why it is so cheap?” It is so because the levels of comfort tall individuals and runners experience are low: the tread belt is small and it is not suitable for fast running.

Let’s Get In-depth With the Motor

As already mentioned, this machine is not suitable for runners, as it only has 2.25 horsepower which is not powerful enough to give intermediate runners much of a challenge. Even if one is a beginner, that individual will not improve much as they will want more things to challenge them like a higher incline and speed.

If an individual expects light to moderate cardiovascular workouts from this (this means walking or light-medium jogging), then this Weslo can handle them with ease. While operating, expect the motor to run smoothly and quietly.

The motor reaches up to speeds of 10mph like the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 and the incline can be adjusted to up to two different positions with just the touch of a button. The good thing about the incline feature is that it reduces joint damage by reducing the impact.

What Programs Does It Offer?

Do not expect much from the Weslo Cadence R 5.2’s workout program. But what do you expect from something that comes at such a price? They had to cut some things away for you to save.

However, it comes equipped with 6 built-in programs that focus on enabling anyone to lose weight since a tread-mill was never used to put on muscle anyway. The programs have been designed by a Certified Trainer so you know it is safe and effective.

Computer Console

The technological aspect of this machine is one of its best features. It comes with these features: Your Time, Level of Resistance, The Time and Calories Burnt. It also has the ability to measure one’s heart rate because of its heart rate grip which works by measuring the person’s pulse when they hold the handlebars.

Let us not forget that the Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Computer Console also comes with a workout matrix that displays a graphical representation of one’s workout.

What to Expect From the Tread Belt

Expect it to measure 16”x 50” which is small for runners and tall individuals. However, one thing that shines from this belt is the Comfort Cushioning System which works to absorb impact in order to better protect your joints and back from damage.


What about Storage?

Live in a confined space? Then be ready to appreciate the Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Space Saver’s Design. It allows the machine to be folded.


It is backed by a 90 day motor, parts, and labor warranty.


  • 64.5 x 55.5 x 29.0 inches
  • 120 pounds (shipping weight)


Weslo Cadence R 5.2 User Reviews

Despite its low price, it has received many positive reviews from its users. Many people agree that it offers an excellent value for your money, it’s easy to assemble, and that the design suits them well. Some particular individuals especially love the Space Saver design it comes equipped with.

Among some of the low reviews it had, some users feel that the treadmill is loud. Sound should be easy to ignore if one is on a low budget such as this.

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The only common complaint is how loud it can get. Other complaints are about the length and quality of the warranty. But it is reasonable considering the price. Also, some people want more workout programs in addition to the 6 built- in ones.

Anything Else One Must Know?

In terms of weight capacity, the Weslo R 5.2 has a maximum weight of 250 pounds. And judging from its quality, one should expect to keep using this machine for many years to come.  To sum things up, an individual should get it because of its Space Saver Design as well as the workout effectiveness, longevity, and price. However, people looking to run at full speed or tall individuals will have problems with this machine and should look into other ones.

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